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It’s so sad to know

that Jesus has finally succumbed to Money and Power.

I’d always believed that our Lord

was able to resist Satan’s offer during His time of testing,

however, the latest news is that Jesus has found His chosen people,

the rich and the powerful of our nation.

No place smacks of wealth and power

quite like Dallas, Texas.

They are rich and powerful,

and, by God, they are proud of it!

Two Dallas pastors,

shepherds of two of the largest and wealthiest congregations

anywhere in the world

have announced their unstinting support for the Wild Man,

Donald Trump,

a wealthy, arrogant, hate-mongering pseudo-businessman

who fuels the xenophobia of our nation’s loonies

and gives strong consideration to using nuclear weapons

to fight our many wars.

These two Baptist ministers exercise considerable clout and influence

among those of the evangelical stripe.

These reverends preside over flocks where billionaires

can find peace and comfort amid all the stresses

with which they must contend in amassing their wealth and power.

Jesus is their special friend.

Jesus is their CEO.

And Jesus blesses them with their wealth and power,

never mind the cost to those who are poor and marginalized

in the wealthy and powerful city of Dallas, Texas.

Jesus has found a new church home.

It’s no wonder these pastors are so successful and so influential,

they have Jesus to help them.

My sense is that the scriptures have become passe,

they are antiquated,

they have been upgraded to fit the times

which dictates that those with the money and influence

get a hearing,

those who are poor and marginalized

are relegated to places like the historical Jesus,

to places ‘outside the gate’, to the hinterlands.

This new Jesus would never be crucified.

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