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Why didn’t I know, as a child,

that there was something wrong

with what I was hearing, regularly, in church?

This message that stated that if one wasn’t “saved”

at the conclusion of one’s life,

an eternity of Hell awaited,

"a Hell of unquenchable flames,

of unfathomable torment



It did not occur to me then

that there was a strange irony,

a paradox

in what we children and young people were hearing.

God loves you and sent His Only Son to die for your sins.

That’s how much God loves us.

However, if you don’t accept His Son as Savior,

you will be consigned to Hell,

to an immeasurable and unimaginable kind of torture,

a fate that is unthinkable,


since no earthly dictator past or present

could inflict this type of living death to a person.

God loves us so much

and He gave us this Gift,

however, if we did not accept this Gift,

we were eternally doomed.

That message will engender fear

in the mind of any child or young person.

My question: What kind of cruel anger is this-

to relegate one’s creation to eternal punishment?

Is it truly possible for that same entity to also love?

Children, your father will be coming home shortly

and he will be bearing gifts for each of you. My strong

counsel to each of you is that you do not hesitate

in accepting whatever gift he offers for he has informed me,

your mother, that if you reject his gift, he will murder you.

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