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LINCOLNOn May 30, 1864, Lincoln expressed his gratitude to American Baptists for their support of his efforts to eradicate slavery. A Baptist delegation had met with the President on May 28, 1864 and presented him with a document containing resolutions which condemned slavery and provided a biblical and theological basis for Lincoln's war efforts.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer. A One-Person Play Adapted and Performed by Al Staggs brings the life of one of the great heroes of the twentieth century to the stage. The audience is brought into the prison cell where Bonhoeffer awaits execution and listens to his struggles with evil, injustice, and God.

thumb Clarence-JordanClarence Jordan was a farmer, Baptist minister and biblical scholar who, in 1942, founded the interracial community of Koinonia ins south Georgia. Jordan’s life and theology were a radical embodiment of the teachings of Jesus, especially those from the Sermon on the Mount.

Oscar RomeroAl presents Archbishop Romero delivering an impassioned homily just minutes before his assassination which occurred on March 24, 1980. His message is a call for the church to understand and to live out its calling to speak and act on behalf of the oppressed.

Walter RauschenbuschRauschenbusch applied the teachings of Jesus and the Hebrew Prophets to the crying social issues of his day. He saw child labor and economic disparity as terrible social ills which he felt should be addressed by the church. Rauschenbusch wrote that "whoever uncouples the religious and the social life has not understood Jesus."
His message concerning the Kingdom of God is particularly relevant to the church's challenges for the twenty-first century.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Al presents two speeches of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. including Awakening the Dream and Beyond Vietnam.

AWAKENING THE DREAM – The soul of Martin Luther King echoes prophetically beyond the 1960s to address current issues such as the economic disparity in the United States, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the silence of complicity exhibited by so many American churches.

ThomasMerton"Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander" is the title of one of Merton's most remarkable works. In this text he insightfully confronts some of the dominant American social issues of the 1960's, such as the Vietnam War, militarism and racism. Merton's words, published more than forty years ago, ring with amazing and particular relevance to the religious, political and economic challenges of the 21st Century.

Martin LutherThis former German priest became one of the leading figures of the Protestant Reformation. Luther taught that salvation is not earned by good deeds or by purchasing indulgences but only by the grace of God through Jesus Christ.
This formidable theological giant also confronted issues such as greed and the necessity of interpreting scripture through thorough exegetical study informed by the Holy Spirit. Luther provided future generations of theologians with the radical concept of the God from Below, the God who has special concern for the poor and oppressed.

coffinWilliam Sloane Coffin was a clergyman, college chaplain and long-time peace activist who served as Senior Minister of the Riverside Church in New York City where his sermons served as a prophetic voice to America concerning the issues of war, gay rights and economic and racial equality.

William Stringfellow

Stringfellow addresses the issues of systemic evil and structural injustice and sets forth compelling insights concerning the social and political implications of Christian discipleship.

Roger WilliamsThe man who is considered the foremost exponent of freedom of the individual in matters relating to religion and conscience.

Sermon on the MountThe greatest sermon ever delivered is presented in a conversational, understated manner as though the words are being spoken for the first time. In addition, Al presents other scriptural passages for chapels or assemblies.

Laughter for LifeAl Staggs is a character. In fact, he's thirty or more characters. Through the medium of his many zany comedic impressions, Al demonstrates the importance of humor in aiding spiritual, emotional and physical health.  His unique storytelling, personal life experiences, and ability to intertwine other characters make him an excellent speaker for medical or holistic conferences, audiences related to aging and retirement, those interested in the humor and health connection, and religious and spiritual audiences.



Robin Williams, Jim Varney (Ernest), Rodney Dangerfield, Redd Foxx, Willie Nelson, The Church Lady, Jesse Helms, former Presidents Bush, Carter and Clinton, are teamed with legends such as George Burns, Paul Lynde, Jerry Lewis, Gomer Pyle, Frankie Fontaine, Geraldine, Jonathan Winters and many other impersonations to make any meeting, assembly, banquet or seminar an entertaining and memorable event.

Clarence-Jordan-DVDClarence Jordan utilizes both his humor and knowledge of scripture to confront racism, greed and war.

Price including shipping, handling and tax is $22.95.

Bonhoeffer DVD In the hour prior to his execution by the Nazis, prisoner Bonhoeffer gives witness to his faith and his eternal hope.

Price including shipping, handling and tax is $22.95.

Martin Luther Performance, Evolution of Faith by Al Staggs

Luther reveals a scholar’s mind and a pastor’s heart as he speaks prophetically about the concept of the Grace of God, the place of the Church and the role of the pastor. He speaks candidly about his struggles to attain peace with God and his numerous encounters with the demon of melancholy, and he issues stern warnings regarding the evil of greed.


Price including shipping, handling and tax is $22.95.

Oscar Romero: A Marty’s Homily

Romero speaks courageously about the church's role in both speaking and acting against systemic injustice against the poor.

Price including shipping, handling and tax is $22.95.