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ThomasMerton"Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander" is the title of one of Merton's most remarkable works. In this text he insightfully confronts some of the dominant American social issues of the 1960's, such as the Vietnam War, militarism and racism. Merton's words, published more than forty years ago, ring with amazing and particular relevance to the religious, political and economic challenges of the 21st Century.

Thomas Merton's life and writings remind us that spirituality is never exclusively private. In his view one's personal spiritual life must also necessarily result in concern for the lives and welfare of others and extend to persons of all religions and nations.

"Al does a great job bringing social justice heroes to life with his one-man performances. He has performed several in his two times with us as our Theologian in Residence. The most recent--Thomas Merton--was excellent. Nothing is more important today than inspiring people to work for a more just nation and world. Al is making a significant contribution to this effort."

-The Rev. Keith Thompson, First United Methodist Church, Boulder, Colorado