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coffinWilliam Sloane Coffin was a clergyman, college chaplain and long-time peace activist who served as Senior Minister of the Riverside Church in New York City where his sermons served as a prophetic voice to America concerning the issues of war, gay rights and economic and racial equality.

"Al Staggs humorous and thoughtful presentation leads immediately to a spirit of connected engagement on the part of those present. His portrayal of William Sloane Coffin brings to life an important prophetic voice, providing a perspective on Christianity far different than the media usually present when focusing on conservative and fundamentalist leaders. Staggs' depiction of Coffin places him in the line of prophets stretching back all the way to the Old Testament era who called relentlessly for the pursuit of justic and peace as integral to a life of faithfulness."

-Dr. David Hendricksen, Adjunct Professor, Tusculum College, Greeneville, TN