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Laughter for LifeAl Staggs is a character. In fact, he's thirty or more characters. Through the medium of his many zany comedic impressions, Al demonstrates the importance of humor in aiding spiritual, emotional and physical health.  His unique storytelling, personal life experiences, and ability to intertwine other characters make him an excellent speaker for medical or holistic conferences, audiences related to aging and retirement, those interested in the humor and health connection, and religious and spiritual audiences.

Robin Williams, Jim Varney (Ernest), Rodney Dangerfield, Redd Foxx, Willie Nelson, the Church Lady, Jesse Helms, former Presidents Bush, Carter, and Clinton are teamed with legends such as George Burns, Paul Lynde, Jerry Lewis, Gomer Pyle, Frankie Fontaine, Geraldine Jonathon Winters and many other impersonations to make any meeting, assembly, banquet or seminar an entertaining and memorable event.

"I want to recommend Al Staggs with his humor and spiritual thoughts that he can bring to any age group. He is flexible and sensitive to the Spirit in how he uses his characters to relate to people in his audience. Amazing man with such talents and insight into the average person's life, relating to the needs of people."

-Glenn Shows, Consultant, Family Ministry & Adult Discipleship, Mississippi Baptist Convention

"We have used Al Staggs for three conferences. His 'Laughter for Life' has been superbly enjoyed at each. The post-conference participant feedback forms give his presentations highest marks and frequently include comments such as, 'I haven't laughed that hard in years!'"

 -Rev. Gerald J. Blackburn, Director for Military Ministries, The Episcopal Church

I am so glad to tell you that your lecture was received with great joy and appreciation – it was just what we all needed to complete the Season smiling and laughing –on the proverbial HIGH NOTE!

Thank you so very, very much, Al! I was inspired to invite you because I knew that we would all need you! In a week on Healthcare, you were just what the doctor ordered!

-Maureen Rovegno
Assistant Director, Department of Religion, Chautauqua Institution

I loved your presentation. Your story of how you came to humor is wondrous.

-Walter Brueggemann
William Marcellus McPheeters Professor of Old Testament, Columbia Theological Seminary

Your ability to do impersonations made me laugh out loud in my office!! Your ministry is a beautiful gift for the world.

-Jacqueline Bussie
Director of the Forum on Faith and Life and Associate Professor of Religion, Concordia College